5 - 10X faster than manual calling

Count on accelerating your calling with complete flexibility.  

No scheduling is required.  Use ConnectAndSell whenever you are available....just jump on!

More Sales Conversations

from family, friends, co-workers or whoever...

Simple to use...

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Sometimes you just don't know.  Will one more call get that elusive decision-maker on the phone?

A single conversation could make the difference between developing an opportunity or dropping an unreachable prospect.

   Miss an opportunity? That bites!


Pay for conversations with decision-makers on your list. Run ConnectAndSell anytime during a 3 month period or your sales quarter.  No scheduling required.   Pause anytime during a session.

conversations with tough to reach decision-makers

A cloud sales platform that accelerates

Things to know:

* A connect is a live conversation with the prospect on your list.   Approved connects are subtracted from purchased connects.   5 to 10 connects are typically generated during each hour on ConnectAndSell.

For an hour session on ConnectAndSell, a list of approximately 100 contacts is necessary..

Direct Impact Marketing Inc offers these plans as an independent reseller of ConnectAndSell.



30 Connects for one rep*

3 - 6 hours over 3 mos.

Mobile App

Assisted onboarding




Connects shared

Admin / User profiles

Mobile App

Assisted Onboarding

CRM Integration


Call Recording



90 Connects for one rep*

9 - 18 hours over 3 mos.

Mobile App

 Assisted Onboarding

 CRM Integration

Per quarter, due quarterly

Per quarter, due quarterly

Multiple Options

One hour on

5 to 10 hours of manual dialing

Simply load your calling list, Dial into a phone bridge and click the 'Go' button to log into your ConnectAndSell session.

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Request a free trial

Request a free trial

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